Tchami // Shot Caller (Aylen & Kayzo G Flip)

Tchami - Shot Caller (Aylen & Kayzo G Flip)

TchamiShot Caller (Aylen & Kayzo G Flip)

Driving Tchami’s smooth future house jam Shot Caller into Aylen and Kayzo’s modification garage was bound to leave the track far heavier and filthier than when it arrived. But, as expected from these two, they absolutely nailed it.

Throwing additional vocal samples on top of a triple espresso-fuelled percussion, this track should come with a 100% guarantee to DJs for getting a crowd fired up.

Topping off this tasteful modification to the intro is a gruesome trap drop featuring massive sub kicks with a duel between ominous detuned saws and bells.

I’m always a fan of well done aggressive trap reworks and Aylen & Kayzo definitely hit the spot on this one.

They’ve even enabled free downloads on Soundcloud, so pick it up here.

Katy Perry // Dark Horse (Unlike Pluto Remix)

Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Unlike Pluto Remix)

Katy PerryDark Horse (Unlike Pluto Remix)

Although the original Katy Perry track spins a gloomy and menacing tone throughout, it seems to lack a satisfying heavy chorus to really add climax to the minimal 808-led build.

Fortunately, Unlike Pluto’s remix has not only satiated that desire for a heavy ass drop, but also cranks those minimal build subs to 11 for an all out morbid ritual of a remix.

Taking inspiration from his own cultural heritage, the drop twists complex percussive synth patterns with a Persian flair and creates an ancient sounding atmosphere with all the tightness of cutting edge EDM.

All in all, this is a fantastic renovation to a tune that really needed fattening up with a banquet of Persian cuisine.

To make things all the more tasty, Unlike Pluto’s uploaded the track for free download at his Soundcloud page.

Roulette Dare // 52 Shriek (Original Mix)

Roulette Dare - 52-Shriek (Original Mix)

Roulette Dare52 Shriek (Original Mix)

52 Shriek marks my third attempt at an original tune and mixes that Glossolalia ambience with a more conventional progressive house foundation.

Hammering out this track took a little longer than anticipated having spent a lot of time sifting through Logic tutorials during the process, along with some major writer’s block on the main chorus (I’d literally bounced the thing 60 times even before mixing).

But yeah, I’ve just been really focusing on those glossy ear candy techniques to add that professional depth and breadth to my future tracks and attempt to move away from the stodgy, centred sound of my earlier stuff.

It’s a grind, but when it comes to producing, getting yo’ study on is just as important as writing that tasty ass riff, if not more so. But hey, I’ve learned a tonne for next time, so stay tuned!

As per, you can grab 52 Shriek for free at my Facebook page if you dig!

Zedd & Hayley Williams // Stay the Night (Roulette Dare Remix)

Zedd - Stay the Night (Roulette Dare Remix)

Zedd - Stay the Night (Roulette Dare Remix)

Figured a blog update was long overdue, so time to do some recapping!

In keeping with the usual explosion of amateur remixes for a Zedd track, the release of Hayley Williams’ acapella for Stay the Night has been crazy popular with bedroom producers (i.e. me).

It’s no wonder though, Hayley’s vocals on this track are tasty as hell; lyrically super simple, but that’s not the point – it’s that Hayley Williams signature tone that makes the original special.

With that in mind, I decided to apply a little genre meshing to my own remix as a feeble means of standing out from the mountains of existing renditions; so expect a progressive house base spread thick with a chunky festival trap drop. Best served on a sub.

If you dig, you can grab theĀ free download here!

TheFatRat // Dancing Naked

TheFatRat - Dancing Naked

TheFatRatDancing Naked


Sounding like a wheelbarrow full of Gameboy Colours playing the most theatrical opening credits ever simultaneously, Dancing Naked is bound to get you psyched for some Kirby-esque antics.

Making a track sound killer with a chipmunky vocal ain’t easy, but TheFatRat’s really nailed it thanks to his solid production skills and a classic synth choice that meshes insanely well.

The track sits quite neatly within the House genre, but aside from that foundation it’s a totally fresh slice of cheesecake that everyone needs to hear.

Bonus: TheFatRat’s giving Dancing Naked away for free right here.




Cash Cash // Take Me Home (Jordy Dazz Remix)

Cash Cash - Take Me Home (Jordy Dazz Remix)

Cash CashTake Me Home (Jordy Dazz Remix)


With lush transitions between golden delicious synth harmonies and gritty club trashing drops, Jordy Dazz certainly has his production game nailed on this remix.

Of course, the original mix by Cash Cash was already a solid track, but Jordy has somehow managed to tweak the satisfaction gauge that final 45 degrees: well and truly paying respect to Bebe Rexha’s gorgeous vocal game.

This tune is guaranteed to get you stoked for the day ahead.

Pick up a copy on Beatport here.





ASTR // R U With Me

ASTR R U With Me



This NYC duo really nail that super sultry summer sound that will put the chilliest eskimo in a shorts-wearing mood. With indulgent melodic plucky synths and ultra reverby beats, ASTR are definitely one of my new favourite chillwave beachcore pop artists.

I’d make a loose comparison with The Weeknd in a Hawaiian shirt, cross pollinate him with Lindsay Lowend holding a coconut and you’re not far off what you can expect from ASTR.

Added bonus: this track’s a free download on their Soundcloud page, sweet.






3lau, Paris & Simo Feat. Bright Lights // Escape (Roulette Dare Remix)

3lau, Paris & Simo Feat. Bright Lights - Escape (Roulette Dare Remix)

3lau, Paris & Simo Feat. Bright LightsEscape (Roulette Dare Remix)


Beatport have been a little hit and miss with the tracks they’ve been holding competitions for lately, so I was pretty stoked to see the acapella for 3lau’s Escape.

This track features a particularly pretty vocal, so I tried to write the music in an accordingly melodic style whilst making sure not to compromise the punchiness when the chorus drops.

With a bundle of layered bright synths and punchy kicks along with some adventure club-esque vocal chopping, this rendition’s a little difficult to classify a genre for so I’ll just leave it at electro pop.

Hope you dig and, if you really dig, feel free to drop me a vote here!




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Sunglasses Kid Feat. Leon Monroe & Highway Superstar // Summer Nights

Sunglasses Kid Feat. Leon Monroe & Highway Superstar - Summer Nights

Sunglasses Kid Feat. Leon Monroe & Highway SuperstarSummer Nights


I challenge anyone to dispute the sheer catchiness of this new Sunglasses Kid track from his latest EP, Unpredictable. As each of his collaborations with Leon Monroe reflect, these two are a match made in heaven if you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to drive your Lamborghini Diablo along the coastline wearing nothing but roller skates.

Combining layered 80s synth riffs and polishing them with a modern production sheen makes this track an absolute delight in any hair-quiffing situation. Plus, if Leon Monroe’s classic vocals weren’t quite enough 80s for you to shake a stick at, Highway Superstar adds that final retro flourish with some obligatory sax.

Better yet, for a limited time, Sunglasses Kid’s handing out the entire EP for free right here. Rad.




Roulette Dare // Glossolalia

Roulette Dare - Glossolalia Download

Roulette DareGlossolalia

I never really planned on writing Glossolalia. The reason an original mix cropped up so early on the ol’ producing timeline is purely because I’ve been struggling to find any decent studio acapellas as of late. Obviously, given that I’m still in the early stages of gathering fans I figured that remixes of popular vocal tracks are more likely to garner attention than a no name producer’s original efforts, but, at the same time, I’d rather try out an original when the acapella well’s running dry, y’know?

Anyways, back to the tune: Glossolalia kicks off in a pretty thoughtful, daydreamy manner, with some harmonic string swells and a gloomy little melody. However, that sleepy string quartet is then administered with a caffeine IV and suddenly hulks out into a pretty schizy chorus.

Of course, the track highlight has to be the um bongo jungle book buildup that somehow works quite well within the adrenaline house scene.

As with all my tracks, you can download Glossolalia for free here.


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